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Need an example

In Podcast #629, you say to make a list of things we are willing to do differently to make new neural pathways. Do you have an example of what you mean?

Fears and Insecurities

Some of my anxiety stems from comparing my situation to others. I worry that when I go away for a few days or on a lengthier holiday that I will feel stressed. I have frequently felt this way and so I dread visiting friends or other acquaintances..Often I can't enjoy myself for this simple reason. I feel that my friends are more caring, more loving, more efficient, than I am. I know this is silly but I just can't get this feeling out of my system when I have experienced this so often. Is it just that I am insecure or have high expectations of myself or my husband?

Identifying with anxiety

Hello Gina! I have been dealing with severe anxiety for a couple of years and I am now starting to feel better to live a ”normal” life. I have basically identified as a person who can’t do certain things because of my anxiety and I have used it as an excuse sometimes and almost enjoyed that people have been nice to me and let me get away with things, for example, my parents letting me stay at home when I haven’t been feeling good. But I do want a life where I believe in myself and that I can do everything that I want to do. Travel, apply for educations, move out of my parents house. How can I stop identifying myself with anxiety?