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Health Anxiety

I have been struggling with anxiety and panic since 2016 when my 47 yr old husband had to have open heart surgery. I was dealing with that ok until my father in law collapsed on me from a massive heart attack as I was walking him out of the hospital after his visit with my husband. He ended up dying 2 doors down from my husband that evening. My anxiety stems from something being wrong with me, particularly my heart. I've had my heart checked out by Dr's, but that doesn't seem to settle my fears. I had pretty good control of it for about two years and for some reason it has come crashing in again. It is ruining my life. My fear is that I am going to die.


Do you have podcasts that deal with PTSD? Thank you!

A never-ending struggle

Hi there from Portugal, my name is Cátia and i've been struggling with anxiety/depression/panic for the past 7/8 years. Doing this time i tried everything, i do meds prescribed by the psyquiatrist, i've done therapy (i'm on my 3 therapist and i like her a lot), i've tryed hipnotherapy, coaching, you name it. But my struggle never ends, i'm 32 years old and now i cant drive alone, i'm a home owner and im back to sleeping in my parents house because its to frighting to sleep alone in the house. Sometimes i just feel like the better option for me its to admit me to a clinic and stop being a burden to all my friends and family and just "give up" of the treatment. What do you think I can do more? I just subscribed your podcast to hear some positive stuff about this, and to stop feeling like a unicorn on this world, like i'm the only one stuggling. thank you so much, kisses

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